Assistant Professor of Medicine and Associate Epidemiologist
Channing Division of Network Medicine
Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School


I am an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and Associate Epidemiologist in the Channing Division of Network Medicine at Brigham and Women's Hospital.

I strive to develop exposome data integration and machine learning algorithms to better discover actionable patterns from big population health data. My research considers the totality of the biological, lifestyle, and environmental factors that impacts population health and provides personalized solutions that allow individuals and neighborhoods to improve their health and wellness.

News and Highlights

[09/2021]: Excited to join the Channing Division of Network Medicine at BWH and the SpaCE2 Lab!
[08/2021]: Grateful to receive an administrative supplement from NIA and NIEHS to expand our parent award (R21ES032762) on the external exposome and COVID-19 severity to focus on individuals with Alzheimer's disease and related dementias.
[05/2021]: Grateful to receive a K01 award from NHLBI to continue our research on the external exposome, hypertensive disorders of pregnancy, and women's cardiovascular health after delivery.
[04/2021]: Our review article on the semantic standards of external exposome data has been published on Environmental Research.
[01/2021]: Our external exposome-wide association study of COVID-19 Mortality in the US has been published on Science of The Total Environment.
[11/2020]: One paper on the chemical composition of fine particulate matter and gestational diabetes mellitus is published on Environmental Research.
[08/2020]: Grateful to receive a grant from NCATS, as the MPI, to support our research on assessing the feasibility of a universal prenatal screening tool to identify women at risk of pregnancy-associated death.
[08/2020]: Grateful to receive an R21 grant from NIEHS, as the contact PI, to support our research on studying the external exposome and COVID-19 severity.
[05/2020]: One paper on the external exposome-wide association study of hypertensive disorders of pregnancy is published by Environment International.
[02/2020]: A systematic review on environment-wide association study is published on Envionrmental Research.
[01/2020]: An invited commentary on air pollution and preeclampsia is published by Hypertension.

Selected Honors and Awards

  • The Sandra A. Daugherty Award for Excellence in Cardiovascular Disease or Hypertension Epidemiology, American Heart Association, 2019
  • Insight Health Data Science Scholarship, Insight Data Science, 2016
  • ISEE Travel Award, International Society for Environmental Epidemiology, 2014
  • Outstanding Research Award, Univeristy of Florida, 2013


I received my PhD from University of Florida co-mentored by Dr. Xiaohui Xu and Dr. Linda B. Cottler. I received my Bachelor degree from Fudan University. I was also a fellow in the Insight Health Data Science Program.